Biography and C V

Research and work experience

Research Experience

Utah State University
2016 - Present

Utah Water Research Lab, Dep. of Civil Engineering

Postdoctoral Researcher

Examining water management challenges and vulnerability in the Bear River watershed by applying paleoclimate streamflows.

University of Oslo
2012 - 2015

Dep. of Geosciences

Postdoctoral Researcher

Part of the EU funded Drought R&SPI project.

Examining historical droughts on a Pan-European extent by compiling a database of drought indicators.

Linking drought events to large-scale atmospheric predictors.

Virginia Tech University
2009 - 2012

Dep. of Civil Engineering

Graduate Research Assistant

Exploring the drought vulnerability of Washington DC under current and future conditions.

Devised a method for generating stochastic streamflow traces.

Used multi-objective optimization to modify water management strategies to counteract the effect of land use and climate change.

University of Maryland
2004 - 2006

Dep. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Graduate Research Assistant

Modeled highway runoff quantity and quality improvements achieved by grassed swales.

Compared the effect of a lateral pretreatment area prior to the grassed swale.


Virginia Tech

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

Optimization of multi-reservoir management rules subject to climate and demand change in the Potomac river basin.

University of Maryland

M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Field evaluation of hydrologic and water quality benefits of grass swales for managing highway runoff.

University of Maryland

B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering with Honors

Organic contaminant sorption to natural and surfactant-modified soil with varying properties.

Engineering and Work Experience

Roux Associates, Inc.
2008 - 2009

Staff Engineer, Engineered Natural Systems

Staff engineer responsible for hydraulic design and modeling related to site stormwater management plans.

Assisted in environmental permitting and site closure plans.

As part of the Natural Treatment Systems Group, responsible for the production of a phytoremediation practitioner's guide.

Bioengineering Group, Inc.
2006 - 2008

Hydraulic Engineer

Responsible for hydraulic design and modeling, primarily focused on sustainable site design and stream restoration.

Additionally worked as a civil engineer on levee reconstruction projects with the US Corps. of Engineers in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, estimating relocation requirements, environmental impacts, costs and quantities.

USDA Argicultural Research Center
2003 - 2004

Environmental Lab Assistant

Assisted doctoral research entitled "Modeling the Variability in Aerial Concentrations of Atrazine, Endosulfan and Chlorothalonil on the Delmarva Peninsula" at the USDA Environmental Quality Laboratory.

Tested air and rain samples from the Chesapeake Bay for presence of pesticides and herbicides.

Johnson, Mirmiran, and Thompson Engineering, Inc.


Performed topographic and GPS surveys as rodman and eyeman on survey crews.

Completed take-off calculations for transportation department.